Saturday, November 20, 2021

Making a room box


Let’s get back to the room box supplied by Hobby Builder Supply!

I added foam core to the two sides that will have windows so the walls will be thick enough. I turned the downstairs side door into a window that is now centered under the upstairs side window.

I moved the upstairs back window over a little because I will be making an old fashioned motor working elevator there. I also cut off the back piece of the floor hole because the elevator will need to be flush against 2 walls.

The front opening wall was cut from light weight plywood. I added hinges by first drilling small holes and then screwing on the hinges on the plywood then attached the hinges to the room box. 

Hobby Builder Supply has these beautiful working windows. I love the style and think they will definitely add something special to this build! Get windows here!

When I am planning a build I have to think about my budget. I always splurge on a few select things and then make the rest myself. For this build I wanted the windows and door to be extra special. Getting these Bonnnet Pediment windows actually made me even more excited to see the finished house!

I wanted this small house to have a stylish, romantic touch. Having these windows and a door pediment adds curves and a softness to the build. I will also be adding a curved Mansard roof with a small attic. I designed a Mansard roof on my Kinfeld because I love how the curve adds style an a softness to the house.

The door pediment was from Hobby Builder Supply as well: Single Deerfield Door Pediment. I meant to order the Deerfield Pediment #7072 because it was a better fit to the width of the door I have, but no worries, I can add a decorative width to each side of the door on the front of the house.

I have so many fun ideas for this build I can’t wait to continue! I have decided to tackle the exterior first then the inside. So next up is the facade and painting the windows and doors!


  1. Fully enclosed and an elevator??? Ooh! This is going to be SO GOOD!!!

  2. Those are pretty windows. I agree, it is nice to add softness with some curves.