Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Miniature French cottage horse stable


The stable is attached to the side of the cottage. This was my first time making "dirt". I did it a little different the second time for the Timber Cabin, but here are the directions: Click here!

I designed the side of the stable to open with hinges. The roof is in the process of being attached. The roof is gator board. For those that have not worked with gator board, it is basically foam board but with a hard plaster shell. It will not warp and is still light weight. I highly recommend cutting it with a power saw and not by hand with a utility knife. Too many cuts injured my rotator cuff while making the walls for this cottage!

I need to make a sable stand for this beauty! I will post a tutorial here for that. I got the saddle at Karen's Dollhouse Shop in NJ.

The bottom door swings open but the top is glued to the wall. I love all the different textures surrounding this stable.

There is a loft inside that will have a ladder.

There is a 'concrete' ramp to make it easy for the wheel barrow and other equipment to go in and out. I am still doing research to gather ideas for items that need to be in here. I have never had a horse so I have some fun things to discover.

Until next time!


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